Thursday, June 21, 2012

Riders of Rohan preparation

It's been a couple weeks now since the announcement that RoR will be coming out September 5. So I've been look through my characters seeing what I'd like to get done.

1. Start making crafted guild reputation items. Tier 8 is coming out and I have 5 characters at the current level and crafting max. I'm guessing we're going to need 50k to max out the next level based on:

2. Finish getting each of my characters virtues to 14. I haven't heard any official announcement about virtue changes with RoR. But I'm going to see if I can get some virtues to level 15. Plus get a 6th virtue for each character to level 14/15. With the level cap increasing, I'm guessing they'll give us and extra virtue slot at some point.

3. Finish getting my level 55 Lore-master through the revamped area in Moria. I've taking him through about half the new revamped area and think it's been a great change so far.

4. Get my three level 75 characters through the epic books. One of them is stuck dream sequence. Hopefully that'll be fixed soon.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Farming LI relics

I originally posted this on back in 2010
Here’s one way to gain a lot of runes/settings/gems that you can equip on your legendary item/weapon. In Delven View (across from the stable master) is 2 Dwarfs. Each dwarf has 3 quests. They come available when your at level 54, 56 and 58. You’ll need a infused ruby(lvl 54), infused saphire(lvl 56) or infused adament(lvl 58) for each of the quests.
So here’s what you’ll need for just one run. Have 4 legendary’s equiped that your leveling, 4 tablets/rusted tools that you can trade in for 4 more legendary and one of the infused gems.
Go into one of the quest and complete. Once done, don’t turn in the quest-rather go over to the Relic master, deconstruct the fisrt 4 legendary items. Now equip 4 new legendary’s, visit the dwarf to turn in your quest you just completed. This should level all 4 of your legendary’s to level 3-5. Visit the Relic master again to deconstruct those 4 legendary’s. Equip 4 more legendary’s and start the next quest and repeat for all the repeatable quests.
At level 58+, I’d have 2 of each of the infused gems(6 total) and 28 tablets/rusted tools/legendaries. When I deconstructed I’d end up with 3-6 settings/gems/runes per legendary. In total I could end up with 80-100+ settings/gems/runes. Combine them to get higher tiers and repeat this whole process the next day.
On of the rewards you can get is a relic that you can deconstruct for even more settings/gems/runes.

This same basic concept will also with locations that have daily quest and reward IXP.
I hope this all makes sense and is helpful. Good luck and have fun!

Tips and tricks

I had these posted on my player page on and figured I'd repost here.

A helpful site for deciding on virtues:
How to add an emote to your quick slot:
/shortcut 10 /cheer
Replace 10 with the quick slot that you have open and replace cheer with what ever emote you want. It will show up as a black icon. This can be move to any slot like all your other skills
Use the raid assist window to know what the leader is targeting:
1. Go down to the bottom left hand side and click on Social panel
2. Then Click on the raid tab check
3. Mark Raid Assist Window at the bottom there.
Captains, Loremasters, Rune keeper stones and everyone’s skirmish soldier- how to quick release all pets before they cause trouble: /shorcut 10 /pet releaseall
this creates a quick slot button that dismisses heralds and pets.
Lothlorien golden leaves are available from a few regular quests inside the Lothlorien Forest, Daily quests from the NPC (forget the name)that’s in the tree just south of the orc camp mountain, bartered after completing enough of the Moria crafting quests (there’s 3 locations within Moria (Woodworker/tailor is just south of 21st hall, Scholar is in that zig-zag path to the Cross Roads, Prospector/metalsmith/weaponsmith is in southern Redhorn Loades)
Travel tips for non-hunters/wardens: you have up to 6 mapping options. Map home which you get when you 1st start playing. Race map home (Bree, Shire, Thorien’s Hall and Rivendell). Kindred standing map (Bree, Mirkwood, etc.) Ettenmores map: need rank 1 for the 2hour cool down one and rank 4 (I think) for the 30 minute cool down one. When you map to the Etten mores, you can then catch swift travel to Bree, Rivendell, Shire and Thoren’s Hall.) The Race and Kindred map share the 1 hour cool down. If kinship has a house and/or you have a personal house, you get a mapping option for each of those locations.

Nightsong family

A couple of kinmates started the Nightsong family a few years ago. The initiation: by accidently falling a cliff or structure and meet your untimely demise. Did that with a couple of my characters-lol. We had a lot of laughs.
I rolled my Captain, Flosiin, and was able to go through the initiation and adoption. I think he was my 3rd character. A while after that, I thought why not have each of my characters as apart of a family. So here's what I've come up with.

Flosiin Nightsong (Captain)- Grew up on the great planes of Rohan. His father was a stable master at one of the big Edoras horse ranches. Their family raised and trained the horse and some of the great calvary of the time. Flosiin was quick to catch on to riding and the ways of the calvary. He was one of the riders of Rohan and had a great knack of of encouraging fellow riders and warriors when the going got tough.

Carrottop Nightsong (elft hunter)- Quiet and reserved but an excellent markswoman. Flosiin happen to meet Carrottop by chance. Flosiin was sent out with a small group doing long distance training with their horses. on their 3rd day out, they ran across Carrottop (CT) and Flodoc being over run by a group of warg riders. They were able to drive off the orcs and found that both CT and Flodoc were badly injured. Flosiin and his fellow riders brought them both back to the ranch. CT and Flodoc spent the next couple of months recovering from their wounds. He ended up with a great friendship with Flodoc. CT quickly fell in love with Flosiin and later married. The Trio have had many great adventure s over the years. After being married for 5 years, Flosiin and CT had two children- Walwulfa and Widlow.
Growing up, Walwulfa frequently hung out with Flosiin when he was training with the Calvary. The riders loved her visits- bit funny, encouraging and tough. When she was a teenager, she got to ride out on a patrol with her mother, Flodoc and a dozen other riders. They ran across a small village being attacked by orc riders. She was told to stay back while everyone else went in to help the villagers. Curiosity got the better of her and she went in to check things out herself. One Orc rider spotted her and went in to attack her. She happen to find a shield and to the surprise of the Orc, she quick took care of him with the shield. After that event, she took up sword training and excellent Guardian.
Widlow was born 6 years after Walwulfa. He looked up to his sister and had great respect for her an his parents. He and Wal often wrestle with each other for fun- as long as Wal didn't have her shield. When Widlow turned 16, CT took the two kids to Rivendel so they could visit with some of their relatives. Widlow surprised his relatives by his lore knowledge. Elrond happen to over hear him and took notice of his Raven. Elrond talked to CT and invited Widlow to stay with them so he could train Widlow in the ways of the Lore-master. She agreed and headed home with Wal. After 7 months of training with Elrond and his friends, he headed for home. Or at least that's what he told everyone. He had just turned 17 and made his way through Eregion and Enedwaith making his final destination Harndirion. Flosiin just happen to be Harndirion visiting with some fellow riders when Widlow came strolling up the hill. He shocked and proud that he made such an epic journey. (I did run Widlow from Bree all the way to Enedwaith when he was only level 7. I had just gotten him out of the Archet starter zone!)
Flodoc grew up hearing Bilbo telling of all his grand adventures with the big people. He was fascinated by his telling of the elves and their wonderful songs and vowed to make a trip to Bree or Rivendel in hopes to meet some of theses elves. As he was growing up, some of his family and extended family taught him the ways of the healer. And helped defend of some of the spider attacks in Scarey. From there, he and his friends found their feet leading them Adso's camp in Bree-land. This is where he ran across Carrottop. There was a camp of Brigands somewhere to the North and needed to be dealt with. The people of Bree-land were getting tired of all their harassment. Flodoc joined CT and other men and raided the Brigands camp. The Brigands didn't stand a chance. Flodoc's friends returned to the Shire but Flodoc continued on with CT. They have had a great many adventures along the way. And a few whopper fish stories as well.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Out of Archet

A few months before ROI/Dunland was announced, I decided to roll an alt- a Lore-master. But I wanted to do a big challenge, as soon as I finished the starter zone in Archet, see if I could get him to Enedwaith. He was level 7 when I finished.
I crafted him the best armour and jewelry I had and got his morale to 470 or so. Applied a running buff, summoned my raven and mounted up. Riding through Bree and Lone Land was easy. I crossed over the Last Bridge and was startled my a big warning message in the middle of my screen:
"You are entering a very dangerous area for your level. Return to a safer area!"
So I did the sensible thing- put my morale pots on my quick bar.
I barely got to the first turn and everything in a 30m range gave me chase. And I don't mean just the cave claws. Even a creature with a yellow health bar gave chase! I rode as quickly as I could to Thorenhad. Once there, a very kind Runekeeper healed the injuries I ha. Sustained along the way. (thanks to whoever you were!)
I tried to make the marker there as my return point- just in case- but it said I was too low level. Uh-oh, hope I don't perish along the way now!
Mounted up again and headed to Bruinen Gorges. Along the way, I got a tell from another player "Level 7! Seriously!" Hehe-yep. I was able to out run a Troll hurling rocks at my head and made it to the Gorge.
Decision time: do I swim down the river or take the high road with bears? Hmm..I'll try swimming. Well got around the bend in the gorge and had completely forgotten there's Lurkers in that area. About 3 Lurkers killed me and my Raven in seconds. So I was hoping to let the Lurkers return to their spot, hit the Revive button and swim like crazy. Well because I was sooo low leveled, the revive button was greyed out. I hit the retreat button and found myself in a "safer" Rez Ost Forod...sigh.
Run buff, Raven out, got rid of my dread and mounted up again. This trine I took the high road and got past the bears, worms and frogs. Got to a safe spot, put my Raven on aggressive mode to by me time and swam across to other side of the Gorge.
I should note here that on my entire trip, my Raven only "helped" me once. He took out a "dangerous" squirrel with 1 morale. I haven't him very much since then.
Back to the task at hand- I ride further do that side of the Gorge and rode up the mountain pass to Eregion! Enjoyed the peace while it lasted. Got to the top of the path and found myself in the forest SE of Gwingris. Not 20m into the forest I found myself dead from a boulder that a tree troll threw at me.
Take 3- started from Ost Forod again. Rode through the same path as before. Once in Eregion, headed to Echad Mirobel. This was the toughest part. I got knocked off my horse again by a troll but was able to out run him. I stayed in combat because everything along the way didn't like me. I was zig-zagging the whole way to Echad Mirobel.
Took a minute to rest and rebuff then headed south to find a safe spot to cross into Enedwaith. An Angmarian archer nearly killed me along the way. I found a safe spot half way between Echad Mirobel and Echad Dunann to cross the river.
Mounted up again and from there it was fairly easy travel through Enedwaith. I had a few wolves, Dunadain warriors and warg's chase me but it was easy to out run then on my horse. Lhunach was my first stop then headed to Harndirion. Went to the top where the skirmish venders are and enjoyed the view and my person victory!

Sorry I don't have more screen shots. I had a slow pc at the time and had to have the resolution on low. If I took a screen shot, I risk lagging and a mobs getting me.

Anyone else have a great adventure like this?

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Solo Triumph's

The LOTRO forum's have solo challenge that people have tried on their own. So I wanted to try a few. Here's my Captain's list:

Dhit the Troll in Trollshaw at lvl 65

Igash defeated

Igash fight

Grand Stairs easy mode: Fire Boss and Igash (I tried the Beast but he kept healing the Troll. Anyone able to solo these two?)

Not exactly a big accomplishment but cleared the beginning area's of Skum and Forges (virtue deed grinding.)

Huorn defeat
On my Minstrel, I surprised myself soloed the 75k signature Huorn in Limelight Gorge. Did that twice. Then read in the Minstrel forums that a few Ministrels have soloed the turtle raid- dare I try that?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Favorite class- the captain

I started LOTRO off with a hunter. I like archery and is a fun class. I got Carrottop to level cap (50) and after a few months, rolled my second character- a hobbit burglar named Chambo. I got him to level 23 and got so frustrated with the class that I didn't play him for over a year.
Then Mines of Moria came out, so I leveled CT to 60. I got invited to run Forges with a group. We got to the 1st boss and were standing at the top ramp getting ready. Then all of a sudden my morale goes from 3k to almost 6k! I was shocked and found out that it was from the captain in the group. With that fact and feeling bummed that I couldn't help keep the group healed- I rolled a captain.
Been loving the class ever since.
Couple of favorite moments as a captain.
1. A kinmate was on her minstrel and wanted to spar me to try out some of her new skills. She got me down to half health and said she was done. So we finished it up by actually fighting. She got me down to almost zero health so I hit last stand. I stayed at 1 morale for a while and she finally said "heh! Why aren't you dying!" I just laughed!
2. Turtle raid with a PUG group. Most if us were level 65. We got him down to 1/4 health then both tanks died plus about 3 other players. I was able to aggro high the rest of the fight and used last stand to stay alive long enough for the rest of the dps people to burn him down. I got a few tells saying Thanks for saving the raid :)

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A bit more about me

For MMO's, I started by played Starwars Battle field and Battlefield 1943 each for about a year and a half.
I started playing Lotro December of 2007. My first character was a elf hunter named Carrottop. I remember my first day out of the gate so to speak. I probably toon me about 20 minutes to figure out the controls on how to move my character and how to interact with NPC's. After a month or so, I suddenly got a pop up asking if I wanted to join a kinship. I had no idea what that meant but clicked yes. It wasn't for another 6 months or so that I realized that the different color text in the chat window meant different things. Like blue text meant the kinship was chatting with each other. (so if anyone from the my first kinship tried to chat with me- sorry I missed the messages) It was a huge learning curve for the first 6 months or so.
I'm really loving Lotro now! I reside on the Windfola server.
-Hope to see you in game