Friday, July 18, 2014

July Gaming Update

Gaming update:
U14 has been awesome so far. Scenery has been stunning. Great story lines. Love it! I have my Captain, Flosiin, is at level 98 now. Helped some townsfolk get ride of some bad dancing Corsairs.

Super Flos! (Ok, maybe not)
I tried to ask them politely to leave the Beacon. But did they heed my warning??
And for a while, just sit back and enjoyed the scenery
Just before the servers went off line for U14, I was able to get my Hunter, Carrottop, to level 95. Currently traited Bowmaster. I tried Huntsman. good mobility but not enough cc and damage.

My Elin Archer, Mysticatcher, just reached level 28. She's now questing in the Forsaken Fields.
My Castanic Bezerker, Flosiin, has reached level 32. The Bezerker is amazingly tough heavy armour class. Really loving this class.
Kerbal Space Program
@Sigtric got hooked on this game.Great game! Get to build rockets and see if I can get them to launch. Some are good launches. Others..not so much. My two kids love it when the launch goes wrong and the rocket spins out of control.