Saturday, August 30, 2014

What if Turbine announced Battle Goats?

I also have this posted on Lotro Player site. Thought it would be fun to share and included pictures.

In the game, we have normal and  reputation horses. In 2012, Turbine brought us War Steeds!
New, for 2015, proudly announcing Battle Goats! The new heavy mount in Lotro!

​13.5 m/s top speed, tighter cornering than light steeds plus 3 mounting points for your favorite ale.

Also announcing a new encounter for Storm on Methedras:
"Sange, Draculetta's Battle Goat"
Gwillion, the old ladie in Methedeas, has captured a Druggavar for her own dark purpose. Defeat Sange and his minnions.

 But wait! We find out this is no ordinary Druggavar. This is Draculetta's Druggavar Battle Goat! Gwillion had stolen Sange years ago. Help reunite Sange and Draculetta!
10 years ago, Draculetta and Radagast were in Enedwaith investigating a local legend of a terrible dragon. Along the way, they had found several Cuthraul Fear-Casters standing over 2 dead Druggavar and dragging a young and injured Druggavar up a hill. They quickly dispatched the Cuthrauls then tended to the young Druggavar's wounds. It was fearful of them and first but quickly took a liking to Draculetta. He stuck by Draculetta's side for 7 years. One evening, Sange had disappeared. There was no trace of him. Draculetta has been in search for him the last 3 years.

In order to reunite Sange and Draculetta, you and your friends must use crowd control on Sange and not kill him for 5 minutes. All while killing Gwillion's waves of minions.
Reward: You're own Druggavar Battle Goat! Get all the benifits  of a Battle Goat. Plus! Special skill-Druggavar dread. Fear to near by foes (20m). Causes 25% miss chance. If foes goes beyond 20m, debuff lasts on the foe for 6 seconds.

Friday, July 18, 2014

July Gaming Update

Gaming update:
U14 has been awesome so far. Scenery has been stunning. Great story lines. Love it! I have my Captain, Flosiin, is at level 98 now. Helped some townsfolk get ride of some bad dancing Corsairs.

Super Flos! (Ok, maybe not)
I tried to ask them politely to leave the Beacon. But did they heed my warning??
And for a while, just sit back and enjoyed the scenery
Just before the servers went off line for U14, I was able to get my Hunter, Carrottop, to level 95. Currently traited Bowmaster. I tried Huntsman. good mobility but not enough cc and damage.

My Elin Archer, Mysticatcher, just reached level 28. She's now questing in the Forsaken Fields.
My Castanic Bezerker, Flosiin, has reached level 32. The Bezerker is amazingly tough heavy armour class. Really loving this class.
Kerbal Space Program
@Sigtric got hooked on this game.Great game! Get to build rockets and see if I can get them to launch. Some are good launches. Others..not so much. My two kids love it when the launch goes wrong and the rocket spins out of control.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Fun in Tera

Last night, I ran my first instance in Tera. It was a level 25 instance called Sinestral Manor. I believe it's a 5 man instance. Ran it with a level 35 Warrior (think Champion in Lotro terms, lots of AOE) and I was on my Priest healing.
For the most part, it went really good. there was a few spots where I was standing too close to the mob aoe or I forgot to heal the warrior.
Then we got to the boss. Huge monster- which wasn't too bad. Until he brought his friends. I tried running around to avoid them but then I couldn't heal. Then they took me down fast and we ended up failing.
Tera's healing is a lot different than Lotro. I have to aim my cross hair over the other player, wait for it to lock on then press the button to heal. The other heals does a healing circle on the ground and the other players can walk into. Well with the adds, I was getting frustrated and just started jamming down on all the skill buttons hoping for the best.
It was definitely a learning experience. Thankfully the other player wasn't too mad. I let him/her know up front that this was my first instance in Tera.
I gained two levels while running with the other player. We were taking down signature spiders. Lot of fun.
I don't have any screen shots of the instance, the spiders or fighting along with the other player. But here's a screenshot of another signature mob it was fighting earlier in the night.
And here's a short video of it:

The weapon system has some similarities to Lotro. They have enchanting. That's where you take your weapon (hopefully same level you are.) The take another weapon of the same tier/level (doesn't matter if it's for another class. (Oh, each class is assigned a specific weapon. Priests get staffs.) You combine the two weapons together with a special 3 ingredient and that will level up your weapon. Similar to applying ixp runes in Lotro. Basic weapons can go up to level 9 and there is a chance of failing the enchantment.
For every 3 levels, it gives you a bonus. Kind of like adding LI's in Lotro. Then you can add runes for additional bonuses. Like settings, runes and gems do.
Traveling between zones on a Pegasus is fun!
There's still a lot I have to learn in Tera.
And if you're wondering, no I'm not giving up on Lotro. I still love Lotro- the game, community and my friends in the game!