Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Favorite class- the captain

I started LOTRO off with a hunter. I like archery and is a fun class. I got Carrottop to level cap (50) and after a few months, rolled my second character- a hobbit burglar named Chambo. I got him to level 23 and got so frustrated with the class that I didn't play him for over a year.
Then Mines of Moria came out, so I leveled CT to 60. I got invited to run Forges with a group. We got to the 1st boss and were standing at the top ramp getting ready. Then all of a sudden my morale goes from 3k to almost 6k! I was shocked and found out that it was from the captain in the group. With that fact and feeling bummed that I couldn't help keep the group healed- I rolled a captain.
Been loving the class ever since.
Couple of favorite moments as a captain.
1. A kinmate was on her minstrel and wanted to spar me to try out some of her new skills. She got me down to half health and said she was done. So we finished it up by actually fighting. She got me down to almost zero health so I hit last stand. I stayed at 1 morale for a while and she finally said "heh! Why aren't you dying!" I just laughed!
2. Turtle raid with a PUG group. Most if us were level 65. We got him down to 1/4 health then both tanks died plus about 3 other players. I was able to aggro high the rest of the fight and used last stand to stay alive long enough for the rest of the dps people to burn him down. I got a few tells saying Thanks for saving the raid :)


  1. Welcome to blogging Flosiin. Although I am not very active in Lotro at the moment I have a lifetime sub and I always return to the game for a few months every year.

    I don't have a Captain beyond the starter levels but I can certainly understand the pleasure that comes from being able to save the day.

  2. Welcome to the NBI! I hope you have fun and let us know if you have any questions!