Friday, May 4, 2012

Out of Archet

A few months before ROI/Dunland was announced, I decided to roll an alt- a Lore-master. But I wanted to do a big challenge, as soon as I finished the starter zone in Archet, see if I could get him to Enedwaith. He was level 7 when I finished.
I crafted him the best armour and jewelry I had and got his morale to 470 or so. Applied a running buff, summoned my raven and mounted up. Riding through Bree and Lone Land was easy. I crossed over the Last Bridge and was startled my a big warning message in the middle of my screen:
"You are entering a very dangerous area for your level. Return to a safer area!"
So I did the sensible thing- put my morale pots on my quick bar.
I barely got to the first turn and everything in a 30m range gave me chase. And I don't mean just the cave claws. Even a creature with a yellow health bar gave chase! I rode as quickly as I could to Thorenhad. Once there, a very kind Runekeeper healed the injuries I ha. Sustained along the way. (thanks to whoever you were!)
I tried to make the marker there as my return point- just in case- but it said I was too low level. Uh-oh, hope I don't perish along the way now!
Mounted up again and headed to Bruinen Gorges. Along the way, I got a tell from another player "Level 7! Seriously!" Hehe-yep. I was able to out run a Troll hurling rocks at my head and made it to the Gorge.
Decision time: do I swim down the river or take the high road with bears? Hmm..I'll try swimming. Well got around the bend in the gorge and had completely forgotten there's Lurkers in that area. About 3 Lurkers killed me and my Raven in seconds. So I was hoping to let the Lurkers return to their spot, hit the Revive button and swim like crazy. Well because I was sooo low leveled, the revive button was greyed out. I hit the retreat button and found myself in a "safer" Rez Ost Forod...sigh.
Run buff, Raven out, got rid of my dread and mounted up again. This trine I took the high road and got past the bears, worms and frogs. Got to a safe spot, put my Raven on aggressive mode to by me time and swam across to other side of the Gorge.
I should note here that on my entire trip, my Raven only "helped" me once. He took out a "dangerous" squirrel with 1 morale. I haven't him very much since then.
Back to the task at hand- I ride further do that side of the Gorge and rode up the mountain pass to Eregion! Enjoyed the peace while it lasted. Got to the top of the path and found myself in the forest SE of Gwingris. Not 20m into the forest I found myself dead from a boulder that a tree troll threw at me.
Take 3- started from Ost Forod again. Rode through the same path as before. Once in Eregion, headed to Echad Mirobel. This was the toughest part. I got knocked off my horse again by a troll but was able to out run him. I stayed in combat because everything along the way didn't like me. I was zig-zagging the whole way to Echad Mirobel.
Took a minute to rest and rebuff then headed south to find a safe spot to cross into Enedwaith. An Angmarian archer nearly killed me along the way. I found a safe spot half way between Echad Mirobel and Echad Dunann to cross the river.
Mounted up again and from there it was fairly easy travel through Enedwaith. I had a few wolves, Dunadain warriors and warg's chase me but it was easy to out run then on my horse. Lhunach was my first stop then headed to Harndirion. Went to the top where the skirmish venders are and enjoyed the view and my person victory!

Sorry I don't have more screen shots. I had a slow pc at the time and had to have the resolution on low. If I took a screen shot, I risk lagging and a mobs getting me.

Anyone else have a great adventure like this?


  1. wow, what an achievement! I have to admit I never had nerve for this kind of activities - got so put off by accidental kills :/ I desperately want the Cloak of the Cluck, but I didn't have the patience to get little chicken even to Trollshaws. but you gave me the right kick and I'm thinking I might try it again today :)

    1. Thanks! Best of luck getting the cloak. Hope you get it. I'd like to get that cloak too.
      Along that line, within a few weeks of ROI coming out, a coue people ran their chickens out to Isenguard.!