Monday, May 7, 2012

Tips and tricks

I had these posted on my player page on and figured I'd repost here.

A helpful site for deciding on virtues:
How to add an emote to your quick slot:
/shortcut 10 /cheer
Replace 10 with the quick slot that you have open and replace cheer with what ever emote you want. It will show up as a black icon. This can be move to any slot like all your other skills
Use the raid assist window to know what the leader is targeting:
1. Go down to the bottom left hand side and click on Social panel
2. Then Click on the raid tab check
3. Mark Raid Assist Window at the bottom there.
Captains, Loremasters, Rune keeper stones and everyone’s skirmish soldier- how to quick release all pets before they cause trouble: /shorcut 10 /pet releaseall
this creates a quick slot button that dismisses heralds and pets.
Lothlorien golden leaves are available from a few regular quests inside the Lothlorien Forest, Daily quests from the NPC (forget the name)that’s in the tree just south of the orc camp mountain, bartered after completing enough of the Moria crafting quests (there’s 3 locations within Moria (Woodworker/tailor is just south of 21st hall, Scholar is in that zig-zag path to the Cross Roads, Prospector/metalsmith/weaponsmith is in southern Redhorn Loades)
Travel tips for non-hunters/wardens: you have up to 6 mapping options. Map home which you get when you 1st start playing. Race map home (Bree, Shire, Thorien’s Hall and Rivendell). Kindred standing map (Bree, Mirkwood, etc.) Ettenmores map: need rank 1 for the 2hour cool down one and rank 4 (I think) for the 30 minute cool down one. When you map to the Etten mores, you can then catch swift travel to Bree, Rivendell, Shire and Thoren’s Hall.) The Race and Kindred map share the 1 hour cool down. If kinship has a house and/or you have a personal house, you get a mapping option for each of those locations.

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