Friday, May 9, 2014

Fun in Tera

Last night, I ran my first instance in Tera. It was a level 25 instance called Sinestral Manor. I believe it's a 5 man instance. Ran it with a level 35 Warrior (think Champion in Lotro terms, lots of AOE) and I was on my Priest healing.
For the most part, it went really good. there was a few spots where I was standing too close to the mob aoe or I forgot to heal the warrior.
Then we got to the boss. Huge monster- which wasn't too bad. Until he brought his friends. I tried running around to avoid them but then I couldn't heal. Then they took me down fast and we ended up failing.
Tera's healing is a lot different than Lotro. I have to aim my cross hair over the other player, wait for it to lock on then press the button to heal. The other heals does a healing circle on the ground and the other players can walk into. Well with the adds, I was getting frustrated and just started jamming down on all the skill buttons hoping for the best.
It was definitely a learning experience. Thankfully the other player wasn't too mad. I let him/her know up front that this was my first instance in Tera.
I gained two levels while running with the other player. We were taking down signature spiders. Lot of fun.
I don't have any screen shots of the instance, the spiders or fighting along with the other player. But here's a screenshot of another signature mob it was fighting earlier in the night.
And here's a short video of it:

The weapon system has some similarities to Lotro. They have enchanting. That's where you take your weapon (hopefully same level you are.) The take another weapon of the same tier/level (doesn't matter if it's for another class. (Oh, each class is assigned a specific weapon. Priests get staffs.) You combine the two weapons together with a special 3 ingredient and that will level up your weapon. Similar to applying ixp runes in Lotro. Basic weapons can go up to level 9 and there is a chance of failing the enchantment.
For every 3 levels, it gives you a bonus. Kind of like adding LI's in Lotro. Then you can add runes for additional bonuses. Like settings, runes and gems do.
Traveling between zones on a Pegasus is fun!
There's still a lot I have to learn in Tera.
And if you're wondering, no I'm not giving up on Lotro. I still love Lotro- the game, community and my friends in the game!

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