Monday, May 7, 2012

Nightsong family

A couple of kinmates started the Nightsong family a few years ago. The initiation: by accidently falling a cliff or structure and meet your untimely demise. Did that with a couple of my characters-lol. We had a lot of laughs.
I rolled my Captain, Flosiin, and was able to go through the initiation and adoption. I think he was my 3rd character. A while after that, I thought why not have each of my characters as apart of a family. So here's what I've come up with.

Flosiin Nightsong (Captain)- Grew up on the great planes of Rohan. His father was a stable master at one of the big Edoras horse ranches. Their family raised and trained the horse and some of the great calvary of the time. Flosiin was quick to catch on to riding and the ways of the calvary. He was one of the riders of Rohan and had a great knack of of encouraging fellow riders and warriors when the going got tough.

Carrottop Nightsong (elft hunter)- Quiet and reserved but an excellent markswoman. Flosiin happen to meet Carrottop by chance. Flosiin was sent out with a small group doing long distance training with their horses. on their 3rd day out, they ran across Carrottop (CT) and Flodoc being over run by a group of warg riders. They were able to drive off the orcs and found that both CT and Flodoc were badly injured. Flosiin and his fellow riders brought them both back to the ranch. CT and Flodoc spent the next couple of months recovering from their wounds. He ended up with a great friendship with Flodoc. CT quickly fell in love with Flosiin and later married. The Trio have had many great adventure s over the years. After being married for 5 years, Flosiin and CT had two children- Walwulfa and Widlow.
Growing up, Walwulfa frequently hung out with Flosiin when he was training with the Calvary. The riders loved her visits- bit funny, encouraging and tough. When she was a teenager, she got to ride out on a patrol with her mother, Flodoc and a dozen other riders. They ran across a small village being attacked by orc riders. She was told to stay back while everyone else went in to help the villagers. Curiosity got the better of her and she went in to check things out herself. One Orc rider spotted her and went in to attack her. She happen to find a shield and to the surprise of the Orc, she quick took care of him with the shield. After that event, she took up sword training and excellent Guardian.
Widlow was born 6 years after Walwulfa. He looked up to his sister and had great respect for her an his parents. He and Wal often wrestle with each other for fun- as long as Wal didn't have her shield. When Widlow turned 16, CT took the two kids to Rivendel so they could visit with some of their relatives. Widlow surprised his relatives by his lore knowledge. Elrond happen to over hear him and took notice of his Raven. Elrond talked to CT and invited Widlow to stay with them so he could train Widlow in the ways of the Lore-master. She agreed and headed home with Wal. After 7 months of training with Elrond and his friends, he headed for home. Or at least that's what he told everyone. He had just turned 17 and made his way through Eregion and Enedwaith making his final destination Harndirion. Flosiin just happen to be Harndirion visiting with some fellow riders when Widlow came strolling up the hill. He shocked and proud that he made such an epic journey. (I did run Widlow from Bree all the way to Enedwaith when he was only level 7. I had just gotten him out of the Archet starter zone!)
Flodoc grew up hearing Bilbo telling of all his grand adventures with the big people. He was fascinated by his telling of the elves and their wonderful songs and vowed to make a trip to Bree or Rivendel in hopes to meet some of theses elves. As he was growing up, some of his family and extended family taught him the ways of the healer. And helped defend of some of the spider attacks in Scarey. From there, he and his friends found their feet leading them Adso's camp in Bree-land. This is where he ran across Carrottop. There was a camp of Brigands somewhere to the North and needed to be dealt with. The people of Bree-land were getting tired of all their harassment. Flodoc joined CT and other men and raided the Brigands camp. The Brigands didn't stand a chance. Flodoc's friends returned to the Shire but Flodoc continued on with CT. They have had a great many adventures along the way. And a few whopper fish stories as well.

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