Thursday, May 3, 2012

Solo Triumph's

The LOTRO forum's have solo challenge that people have tried on their own. So I wanted to try a few. Here's my Captain's list:

Dhit the Troll in Trollshaw at lvl 65

Igash defeated

Igash fight

Grand Stairs easy mode: Fire Boss and Igash (I tried the Beast but he kept healing the Troll. Anyone able to solo these two?)

Not exactly a big accomplishment but cleared the beginning area's of Skum and Forges (virtue deed grinding.)

Huorn defeat
On my Minstrel, I surprised myself soloed the 75k signature Huorn in Limelight Gorge. Did that twice. Then read in the Minstrel forums that a few Ministrels have soloed the turtle raid- dare I try that?

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