Monday, May 7, 2012

Farming LI relics

I originally posted this on back in 2010
Here’s one way to gain a lot of runes/settings/gems that you can equip on your legendary item/weapon. In Delven View (across from the stable master) is 2 Dwarfs. Each dwarf has 3 quests. They come available when your at level 54, 56 and 58. You’ll need a infused ruby(lvl 54), infused saphire(lvl 56) or infused adament(lvl 58) for each of the quests.
So here’s what you’ll need for just one run. Have 4 legendary’s equiped that your leveling, 4 tablets/rusted tools that you can trade in for 4 more legendary and one of the infused gems.
Go into one of the quest and complete. Once done, don’t turn in the quest-rather go over to the Relic master, deconstruct the fisrt 4 legendary items. Now equip 4 new legendary’s, visit the dwarf to turn in your quest you just completed. This should level all 4 of your legendary’s to level 3-5. Visit the Relic master again to deconstruct those 4 legendary’s. Equip 4 more legendary’s and start the next quest and repeat for all the repeatable quests.
At level 58+, I’d have 2 of each of the infused gems(6 total) and 28 tablets/rusted tools/legendaries. When I deconstructed I’d end up with 3-6 settings/gems/runes per legendary. In total I could end up with 80-100+ settings/gems/runes. Combine them to get higher tiers and repeat this whole process the next day.
On of the rewards you can get is a relic that you can deconstruct for even more settings/gems/runes.

This same basic concept will also with locations that have daily quest and reward IXP.
I hope this all makes sense and is helpful. Good luck and have fun!

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