Saturday, August 30, 2014

What if Turbine announced Battle Goats?

I also have this posted on Lotro Player site. Thought it would be fun to share and included pictures.

In the game, we have normal and  reputation horses. In 2012, Turbine brought us War Steeds!
New, for 2015, proudly announcing Battle Goats! The new heavy mount in Lotro!

​13.5 m/s top speed, tighter cornering than light steeds plus 3 mounting points for your favorite ale.

Also announcing a new encounter for Storm on Methedras:
"Sange, Draculetta's Battle Goat"
Gwillion, the old ladie in Methedeas, has captured a Druggavar for her own dark purpose. Defeat Sange and his minnions.

 But wait! We find out this is no ordinary Druggavar. This is Draculetta's Druggavar Battle Goat! Gwillion had stolen Sange years ago. Help reunite Sange and Draculetta!
10 years ago, Draculetta and Radagast were in Enedwaith investigating a local legend of a terrible dragon. Along the way, they had found several Cuthraul Fear-Casters standing over 2 dead Druggavar and dragging a young and injured Druggavar up a hill. They quickly dispatched the Cuthrauls then tended to the young Druggavar's wounds. It was fearful of them and first but quickly took a liking to Draculetta. He stuck by Draculetta's side for 7 years. One evening, Sange had disappeared. There was no trace of him. Draculetta has been in search for him the last 3 years.

In order to reunite Sange and Draculetta, you and your friends must use crowd control on Sange and not kill him for 5 minutes. All while killing Gwillion's waves of minions.
Reward: You're own Druggavar Battle Goat! Get all the benifits  of a Battle Goat. Plus! Special skill-Druggavar dread. Fear to near by foes (20m). Causes 25% miss chance. If foes goes beyond 20m, debuff lasts on the foe for 6 seconds.

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