Monday, October 14, 2013

New LOTRO pet ideas

Hi everyone. I had posted this on my kin web site and wanted to share.

New Pet ideas

Legendary skill: Squirrel Lurker. Stays in stealth till it attacks.

On demand skills:
-Ah Nuts! Squirrel uses it's tail to launch a barrage of acorns on 3 targets. Medium damage on 3 targets. On a critical hit, the acorns plugs up the mob's nose and causes a 12 second daze.
-Ravage. Squirrels goes into a frenzy on the mob's ankle. High damage and a -25% run speed.
-Blitz. Squirrel freaks out and runs around and jumps on every mob within 20m causing confusion. +35% miss chance on up to 6 mobs.
-Squirrel anxiety: fellowship buff. Squirrels are always on high alert being able detect the slightest sound and dash at a moments notice. +15% stealth detection and +15% run speed to the fellowship

Shire Needlehole Slug:
-Slimed: the higher the intelligence of the mob, the more they're grossed out by these slugs and forget what they're doing. 20% interrupt chance on nature. 60% interrupt chance on Orc, goblin, etc. 99% interrupt chance on Signature Boss mobs.
-Slug wall: you've heard of shield wall? Slug swells itself up in front of the Loremaster to provide a temporary wall. Melee weapons just slip right off their skin. Lasts 15s with 15 minute cool down.
-Whoops a Daisy! Slug excretes a slimy mess that reaches 10m. Causes any legged mob to slip and fall sending their weapon flying out of their hands. 20s disarm while they're fumbling around looking for their weapon.
-Slug power: Aura effect. Fellowship has befriended the slug. It's slim has transformed into an adhesive material on the fellows hands. 100% disarm resistance

New captain Herald: Hungry Hobbit
-Moors Aura buff: puts the entire raid in stealth except the Hungry Hobbit. Lures any creeps out in this Tricksey Hobbit trap...
-Holly Hornblowers Pie. You thought her pies where bad enough with the Shire quests? Wait till the creeps get a load of her new recipe! Knocks out 8 creeps in a 20m range and removes all their buffs for 10s
-Postal! The Hungry Hobbit launches all 10 postal bags at the creeps- successful hits causes an uncureable fear on creeps (forced to run away from the raid for 8 seconds)
-Get off my lawn! In a freep held keep, the Hungry Hobbit inspires the local friendly NPC's into launching a barrage of stones, branches and anything else the can find at the incoming creep raid. 60m range attack

Raving Fan:
-Get the word out: carries around a banner that says "Live in concert! [Insert band name here]"
-Joyful: any time you are stationary, the hop around you in excitement throwing confetti
-Peace Maker: Causes those trouble some fans to be feared away to the nearest town cryer.

-Flosiin, Captain on the Windfola server

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  1. Hahaha, this is amazing! Thanks for cheering up my day! :D

    ~ Ravanel, lore-master of Gilrain